The 1st Annual IWEA intelligent Water Systems (IWS) Challenge will be hosted in conjunction with the 2022 IWPC Conference, April 24-28, 2022.  The purpose of the challenge is to encourage college students (both undergraduate and graduate student) to develop solutions for real-world environmental problems with the use of advanced data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The goal of this challenge is to promote the use of advanced tools and predictive analytics for common problems in the water and environmental industry.

Team Registration Deadline: October 16, 2021
Challenge Plan Deadline: November 20, 2021
Challenge Solution Deadline: February 19, 2022

Please use these links to submit (upload) your IWS Challenge Plan & Solution

If you have any questions regarding the Intelligent Water Systems Challenge, please contact Dr. Victoria Morgan.

IWEA thanks the Intelligent Water Systems Challenge Sponsors.