The IWPC technical program is complimented by several special events.

IWEA & IAWPCO Annual Banquets
Options to attend the IWEA and IAWPCO Annual Banquets are available on the registration form. There is also a special event registration form where you can register for any of our special events, including the banquets. 

Intelligent Water Systems Design Challenge
The IWS Challenge is to encourage college students (both undergraduate and graduate student) to develop solutions for real-world environmental problems with the use of advanced data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). 

Operations Challenge
The goal of the Operators Challenge is to provide a fun but educational experience. There are four challenges to choose participate in; Laboratory, Maintenance, Safety, and Operations. The event will be in the main Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, April 26. Conference attendees can participate in a single event or all four. Stop by the Judges Table to register. 

Student Design Competition
The Student Design Competition provides students the opportunity to respond to a chosen design problem or allow student teams to bring problems they are currently working on. Competition winners may go on to compete at WEFTEC.

Student Poster Competition
The poster competition allows students an opportunity to present posters on on their research or other topics of interest to water environment professionals. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Track
This technical track features dynamic speakers discussing their experiences in water environment careers.

Walk/Run Fundraiser
Our Tuesday, April 11, Walk/Run event raises funds for Water for People, a nonprofit organization that brings clean water and sanitation solutions to underserved communities.