Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water

What is InFLOW? InFLOW is a scholarship program focused on promoting diversity and inclusion within the water sector. The primary goal is to engage participants in events and networking opportunities to solidify their interest in working in the water industry as well as increase opportunities for employment and long-term success.

The Illinois Water Environment Association (IWEA) and Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators (IAWPCO) are looking forward to meeting you at the Illinois Wastewater Professionals Conference, IWPC, April 25-27, 2022.   At this year’s conference you will be able to participate in events for students and young professionals, attend technical sessions, and browse the exhibit hall.  In addition to the educational opportunities there will be networking activities included in the program.

We do ask that participants take part in a post event conference call. As this is a relatively new program, we'll need your input as to how to improve the experience for future participants.
Click on the button below to access the InFlow Interest Form. Please note: InFlow Interest Form is due by March 25, 2022. 


InFlow Application